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Hi! And, thank you!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your time. 🙂 Please find the video below that details how you can improve your writing. Oh, you can also get an in-depth guide to write research papers here.

Why am I sharing these ideas on how to improve your writing?

Honestly, I wanted to help you. I also wanted to introduce you to a new sharing economy proofreading software that I am building. A few years ago when I was driving home from Orlando with my two kiddos, I had a really cool idea that I thought others would really find useful. 🙂

What was the problem?

As a young professor of innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship, I do a lot of writing. However, I was never really good writing. English was my worst class in high school. I really struggle at writing and paying attention to the details on the page. I also thought that there must be many other people out there that must be in the same boat as I am – People that have great ideas but find it hard to get it on paper.

I realized that we needed better solution when I was trying to get my own academic papers and reports edited. The problem I faced was not having a clear idea of who was a good online writing proofreader and who was not. After talking to my academic friends, I realized that finding good academic writing proofreaders was a problem that a lot of people faced. I also realized that most people feel a considerable amount of anxiety when they ask their friends for peer feedback, although we should, as it does improve our writing.

A solution that might be helpful to you

Anyway, I thought “I am a professor of innovation, why not just create something that can be useful for a lot of people.” I also wanted to create a software to help others be nice to other people. That was the birth of my website. I started mulling over the idea, and getting less and less hours of sleep at night. I was just to excited about helping others, like you, that were struggling with their writing.

So, I sought to build sharing economy proofreading platform that was based on reciprocity (ie. give-and-take). The problem is not that you are not smart enough to write well. It is just your mind plays tricks on you. You are unlikely to see your own mistakes, just the mistakes of others.

Building the software is not easy

Building the platform has been tough. Hiring developers, creating content, and all of this stuff is not easy. (By the way, I am pretty candid about these struggles on my Youtube channel). And, as you can imagine from this page, I am brutal at design. There is so much to do that I want to do to be able to help you all.

On this proofreading platform, you help others edit their writing. In return, each time that you help others by proofreading their writing, you gain credits to have your own work edited. Then, you can submit your own writing to the online app to have others help you out in exchange. You can also purchase credits, if you would like which allow you to get your editing done quicker without earning the credits.

Ok, here is the video to help you improve your writing

Thank you once again for your time – you are truly a wonderful person. Of course, here is the video on how you can learn to improve your writing. One more other thing that I should mention – a lot of videos, and I mean a lot, are available on YouTube for free. Take care!

– Dave