Should You Get A PhD Or A Real Job In Industry? (A PhD Quiz)

Should you get a PhD or a real job in industry? This quiz was crowdsourced by asking the R3ciprocity YouTube community that primarily consists of potential PhDs, PhD students, and professors. The questions where generated by 98 responses on the community.

I initially asked the community, what online quiz is most appealing to them to help them make a PhD decision. Here were the responses:
1. Should I get a PhD or get a real job in industry (36%).
2. Should you become a professor (22%).
3. Should you get a PhD (17%).
4. Which PhD program is right for me? (14%).
5. Are you prepared for a PhD? (11%).

So, here is the most popular online PhD quiz: “Should you get a PhD or get a real job in industry.” There are 12 items to the quiz, and these 12 items where based on the most popular responses to 4 polls on the community that relate to university resources, PhD opportunity costs, preferences for PhDs, and the skills required for a PhD. These items are based on inputs, and not the outputs of doing a PhD (e.g., your publication record or position at a university).