Should You Get A PhD Or A Real Job In Industry? (A PhD Quiz)

Should you get a PhD or a real job in industry? This quiz was crowdsourced by asking the R3ciprocity YouTube community that primarily consists of potential PhDs, PhD students, and professors. The R3ciprocity Project started out as a side-project, where David Maslach created an App to help others get feedback on their work ( – it is seriously inexpensive and easy to use. You have to try it!), but it is beginning to grow into a real movement.

The questions where generated by 98 responses on the community.

I initially asked the community, what online quiz is most appealing to them to help them make a PhD decision. Here were the responses:
1. Should I get a PhD or get a real job in industry (36%).
2. Should you become a professor (22%).
3. Should you get a PhD (17%).
4. Which PhD program is right for me? (14%).
5. Are you prepared for a PhD? (11%).

So, here is the most popular online PhD quiz: “Should you get a PhD or get a real job in industry.” There are 12 items to the quiz, and these 12 items where based on the most popular responses to 4 polls on the community that relate to university resources, PhD opportunity costs, preferences for PhDs, and the skills required for a PhD. These items are based on inputs, and not the outputs of doing a PhD (e.g., your publication record or position at a university).