How Do You Know Your Paper Is Ready For Journal Submission (Online Quiz)?

This online quiz about ‘how do you know that a research paper is ready for journal submission’ is meant to be a decision tool for academics, PhDs, and researchers to know whether they should submit their paper. It is often difficult to know if you should submit your paper – there is a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty in the research process. This quiz is meant to help you decide if you should submit this paper.


This decision tool was developed in August-September of 2020, I polled the R3ciprocity community on YouTube on what are the primary factors for starting a PhD. This community is primarily based on PhDs, professors, and potential PhDs. (If you want to help validate any of these measures, and want to conduct experiments, let me know).

This quiz was crowd-sourced using the R3ciprocity Community on YouTube. The R3ciprocity community is primarily researchers, academics, and PhDs. The quiz is based on 184 responses. I asked the following questions, and took the 2-3 most popular items from each question (from a total of 5 each) to construct this decision tool. The questions are the following:
1. What are the social indicators that let you know a paper is ready?
2. What are some operational indicators that let you know that a paper is ready for journal submission?
3. How do you know a paper is ready for journal submission?
4. The most important features to include are:…

Remember that this metric and tool has not been validated. At this moment, it is meant for joy of learning and having fun.

Privacy and Legal Stuff:

That being said, this is not based on research, and is only for fun only. Everything on the R3ciprocity community that aids research will be fully-vetted by Institutional Review Boards, and Ethics Board; and you will have consent.

At this moment, this is just for fun. By clicking and proceeding with the online survey, you realize and give consent that this is just for fun, and this data will not be used for research purposes, and this information will not be sold to third-parties.

1.Has more than two people have read the paper and said that it’s ready for journal submission?
2.Do you believe that a lay person can understand it?
3.Have you sent your paper to two or more conferences for feedback?
4.Is the paper a full working draft?
5.Have you spent at least a month working on the paper?
6.Have you spent at least six months on working on the paper?
7.Have you spent over a year on the paper?
8.Are you at the point where you can’t stand to see that paper again?
9.Do you have a strong intuitive feeling that the manuscript is ready?
10.Do you believe the paper covers the basics in scientific research? (eg. It has an introduction, hypotheses, methods, results, implications, and conclusion section).
11.Do you believe the paper has a clear, short research question and response?
12.Do you believe that the paper is simple enough to tell your grandma?
13.Do you believe that the paper has meaningful contributions and implications?
14.Do you believe that the paper has strong methods and results?
15.Do you believe that the paper as a strong introduction?

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