How To Increase Your Research Productivity?: Take The Academic Research Productivity Quiz

How should you increase your academic research productivity? This quiz was crowd-sourced from the R3ciprocity YouTube community. The community primarily consists of potential PhDs, PhD students, and professors. The goal of the quiz is to assess the academic research potential of people. It is to help them predict their research productivity in the future. The questions where generated by 172 responses from the community.

As of right now, this is meant for personal use only. It is meant to help you make decisions and have fun, but the free scale and it’s validity is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Research Methodology:

I initially prompted the community about what aspects of their career will make them a more productive researcher. Here, academic research productivity refers to the number and quality of academic research journal articles. I asked a series of quizzes related to many aspects of academic research productivity. From there, I took the 3 most popular items from the quizzes. I then created a scale based on the sum of each response related to a 5-point Likert scale. This scaled was developed in March 2020, and is subject to being updated and validated in the future.

There are a 23 items in the quiz. Polls that generated the items were based on the most popular responses to polls from the community. The polls were related to motivations, university resources, PhD opportunity costs, preferences for PhDs, and the skills required for academic research productivity success.

The key distinction with this test is that these items are based on inputs, and not the outputs of doing a PhD (e.g., your publication record or position at a university). If you want to help with validating this scale and you want to develop this into a paper, please contact David Maslach to access the data. (Only serious inquiries only.)

1.Do you have a high ability to persevere?
2.Do you have a high ability to work with others?
3.Have respected professors gave you a reference in the past?
4.Have you published research in the past?
5.Do you have high GMAT / GRE scores?
6.Do you have high undergraduate grades?
7.Did you attend an elite university for your undergraduate education?
8.Do you have a high ability to be creative (generate new ideas)?
9.Do you have a high ability to ask questions?
10.Are you a team player?
11.Are you able to sit and work for long periods of time?
12.Are you able to write clearly?
13.Are you able to write quickly?
14.Are you able to respond to negative comments easily and politely?
15.Are you able to understand others’ concerns when they provide you suggestions?
16.Do you have a high implicit motivation to do research (read, write, and analyze data)?
17.Do you have positive attitude towards doing research (read, write, and analyze data)?
18.Do you expect financial gain from writing?
19.Do you have financial resources available to allow you to work for several years without financial gain?
20.Are you able to deal with rejection easily?
21.Are you able to access and negotiate academic opportunities easily?
22.Do you feel deflated when you compare yourself to others often?
23.Are you able to align your research to existing incentives in academia?

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