Is This A Good Research Topic? (Online Quiz To Improve Your Research Topic)

how to choose a good research topic
This online quiz about if you have a good research topic. It is meant to be a decision tool for undergraduate students, grad students, academics, and researchers to know whether they have a good research topic.

If you need to find research topics, you should check out this extensive blog post on choosing research topics.

It is often difficult to know if you have a good research topic. There is a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty in the research process and no one can identify if you have a good research topic other than yourself. This quiz is meant to help you decide if you should continue with your research topic or seek another topic that is going to net better returns for your efforts.


This decision tool was developed in January of 2021, I polled the R3ciprocity community on YouTube Please subscribe to the YouTube channel here. on what are the primary factors for having a good research topic. This community is primarily based on PhDs, professors, potential PhDs, and researchers. The items were generated by myself (David Maslach – a Professor of Innovation), but I think the responses are generally valid.

(If you want to help validate any of these measures, and want to conduct experiments with any of the material on R3ciprocity, let me know. All experiments or research on R3ciprocity will be clearly marked and require consent. This quiz is currently not validated or it is not being used for research in anyway. It is just for fun.)

This quiz was crowd-sourced using the R3ciprocity Community on YouTube. The R3ciprocity community is primarily researchers, academics, and PhDs. The quiz is based on 277 responses. I asked the following questions, and took the 2-3 most popular items from each question (from a total of 5 items) to construct this decision tool. I asked the following question “What is most important for a research topic?”

Remember that this metric and tool has not been validated. At this moment, it is meant for joy of learning and having fun.

Privacy and Legal Stuff:

That being said, this is not based on research, and is only for fun only. Everything on the R3ciprocity community that aids research will be fully-vetted by Institutional Review Boards, and Ethics Board; and you will have consent.

At this moment, this is just for fun. By clicking and proceeding with the online survey, you realize and give consent that this is just for fun, and this data will not be used for research purposes, and this information will not be sold to third-parties.

1.My research topic is practical.
2.My research topic addresses a research gap.
3.My research topic is interesting.
4.My research topic addresses a problem.
5.Other people say research topic is interesting.
6.You are curious about the research topic.
7.Major organizations are interested in the research topic.

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