What PhD Life Is Really Like

When I was in my PhD program, I really lost faith in myself and what I was about. Unfortunately, this is true of many people that go into graduate school.

I am not the only one.

Many of us doubt ourselves and believe that we are not good enough.

Even today, every so often I have the same emotions rush over me. I know that many prestigious professors feel the same way.

If I can just help one person, and give them encouragement, I think I’ll be happy with the R3ciprocity Project.

I want to let others know that they are truly talented, and that they have the ability to do well. Everyone does.

You are not stupid, slow, or a failure.

You are an incredible and outstanding person.

Your environment makes you feel like you are not good enough. You actually ARE good enough.

Remember, it’s never about having some major impact, but it’s all about helping one person believe that they can do it when they feel they can’t.

Just help one person, even if that person is yourself.

R3ciprocity Project

My goal with the R3ciprocity Project is to ensure that not a single student, researcher, or person feels isolated, alone, or lost.

I don’t know who these people are, and what their problems are.

But, I do know that if I give inspiration, stories, resources, and tools on the internet, someday they might need them.

None of us are rocks all the time, and we all can us help once and a while.

Help me create the world’s largest and helpful platform for those that are interested in research (Check out www.r3ciprocity.com).

I am just scratching the surface, and I could really use your help.

Tell others. Be kind to yourself and others you know.

Forgive yourself for not feeling good enough. Because, as I always say, you are good enough.

Just some “rando” unhappy person put the bug in your ear that you are not.

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