Good Side Jobs To Make Extra Money


What are the best ways to make money on the side of your daily job? This question is a common one if you look at the search volume on the internet – there are 1000s of similar searches and 1000s of articles about this. But, I thought I might pitch in my two cents. Many people want to have a side hustle to make extra money, but they don’t know where to start.

The inspiration for this idea came from when I got home a few night’s ago and found the accident that my dog had left in our house. (The was the first time our doggy did this in a long time) 🙁 Of course, I had to spend a couple of hours cleaning up the mess. As I was cleaning up the dog do-do, I had to think of the issue of job status and wealth. Many people think that low-wage jobs have very low status, but this is not necessarily true. Status, here, is referring to broadly the role or position one holds in society and its effect on things like wages or deference from others.  Why is this not true? Many jobs that are low-waged are quite vital to our society. For example, people that help clean up in hospitals are quite essential to the operational capability of the hospital. I remember a few years ago the city of Toronto had a garbage pick-up strike and the city almost ground to a halt. My point is that many people that have what others perceive to be low-status jobs are essential to how the world works. However, I don’t believe that job status is strongly correlated with wages.

What Can Explain Wages And What Might Be A Good Option For A Side Job?

Why is it that these people don’t make nearly as money as the hospital CEO, and it could be easily argued that the CEO is doing less vital work. From my perspective, there are two fundamental reasons, and these reasons help depict areas that could be great for side jobs.

Number Of People That Depend On The Person

  1. How many people does that particular individual serve? The more people that you serve and rely on your services, generally, the higher one’s wages will be. For example, the person that picks up one person’s dog poo in their house occasionally is not nearly going to have the same wages as somebody who has thousands of people depending on them every day. While it would have been nice to pay for someone to pick up that dog poo in my house, it was not worth my time to find someone and get them to come to my house in the next hour. This is actually called transaction costs, and for things like the occasional accident, the transaction cost to hire someone is too high. Just ask any new parent who has to clean up messes at night! Imagine finding someone to clean up a mess at 3 am.

Number Of People That Report To That Individual

  1. How many people report to that particular individual? If many people report to that individual and seek their guidance, then the individuals likely quite valuable to the market. This might be the reason why a hospital CEO might do fairly well – there is just more people that are accountable to that person. The person might not do much in their job as a CEO, but they have to make sure that everyone else’s wages get paid on time by setting the strategic direction of the hospital.

Best Side Hustles.

Based on these two principles, what are effective and easy ways to make money on the side? First, nothing is going to be easy to accomplish. Making money on the side has to fit what you do and who you are as a person. If you are a firefighter, it is going to be easier to find things to do on the side because you are likely to have time during your shifts. If you are a corporate lawyer, good luck finding any time.

Second, focus on roles in which you can build a valuable audience that rely on your guidance. The more people that pay attention to what you have to say or do, the higher your earning potential is going to be. Your goal will be to make your role is scalable as possible. Always try to think of scaleability. However, when you first start out with a side job, the things you do are likely not going to be very scaleable. For example, you might have to do a lot of lawn mowing jobs yourself until you can scale a business to have employees.

What are ways to earn money on the side of your main job? It doesn’t really matter what role you do you want to do on the side. It probably does matter why you are making money on the side. If you need money to pay a light-bill, then get any and every job you can get. If you are doing it to get additional luxuries, have fun with it. You can think about how to make that job scalable and work on the scaleability over time. For example, my end goal with project is create a site that not only helps people, but that can help fund behavioral and organizational research, particularly for grad students in this area. The nice thing here is that I have the luxury of time as I am not worried about how long it will take to grow this service. I truly think it can be wonderful but it is a work in progress.

Again, building a scalable side-business to make extra money on the side is tough. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Some people will get lucky and discover the secret early on, but for most people, finding good side jobs to make extra money is going to require a lot of commitment and time. But, what else are you doing on a Saturday night? For me, I hope I won’t be cleaning up more dog messes. Yuck.

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