How Do You Perform A Test Review On (2019) is a unique online platform that enables you to upload your work and get quality editing and proofreading by real people AND support others by editing and proofreading their work.

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How Does The Credit System On All You To Get Affordable Editing?

The credit system allows you to use the platform for free. Editing others’ writing earns you credits that you can spend to get feedback on your own work. Credits can also be affordably purchased through the platform if you want feedback on your writing without spending time proofreading for others.

Once you have created your account on you can start buying credits and uploading your own work for others to edit and proofread for you.

To begin proofreading others’ work, however, you will first need to proofread/edit two test documents that are verified by R3ciprocity Admin. These are called test reviews. This process allows you to become familiar with how the platform works and ensures that everyone who is editing documents on is providing good quality and helpful writing support to their peers.

To begin the test review process log in to your account at



Once logged in click on Request a job on the welcome page or go to the My Reviews page and click on Request a job there. My Reviews is where you will keep track of the documents that you are proofreading for others.



A pop-up message will appear giving some more information about the test review process. Click Ok



The first test document is now available to you. Click Accept Job. You will then get the option to download the document.



It is a Microsoft Word document but you will be able to read and edit it using any compatible word processing software including Open Office and Google Docs

Once you have downloaded the document it is time to begin proofreading and editing it. Your editing goal is to support the writer by showing them the changes that could improve the quality of their writing. Do not be afraid to edit, remove or write additional sentences if you believe that these changes will improve the writing. However, always keep the writer in mind. Consider what they want to communicate through this writing and the purpose they want to achieve. Any changes you make should help them achieve this purpose.

What Are Things You Should Consider When Editing Someone’s Writing?:

  • It is easy to miss something when editing. Read the document slowly and carefully before, during and after the editing process. This is not a task that can be rushed. 
  • The tone of the writing matters. Formal, academic writing is very different than a chatty blog post and the tone, style and structure of the writing should all be appropriate for the purpose.
  • Making the writing easy to read and understand. Small changes in sentence structure can make a big difference. 
  • Correcting inaccurate spelling and grammar. If you are unsure then a simple search online will tell you all you need to know. Be aware of differences in spelling and grammar between regions and countries. It is easy to confuse Canadian or British English with American English (i.e. colour vs. color).
  • Check the fonts and sizes. The document as a whole including font styles and sizes, the formatting of titles and footnotes and page layout. Edit these aspects if you think they need to be edited.

Once you have finished proofreading and editing the first test document you need to upload it to Save the document to your computer or device and then click on Upload Document on the My Reviews page. Once the document is uploaded you can click on it and see your edited document alongside the original.



Can You Improve The Editing Of The Document?

The color of the Review stats circles – the top two circles – will depend on the number of changes you have made and the system’s calculation of the readability of the document with your changes. If the circles are red – most likely due to you making very few changes – you will not be able to send the document. You can upload another attempt on the My Reviews page. Yellow indicates okay but you should always aim for these circles to be green when you upload a document.

Scroll down this page to write a comment to accompany your review. This is your opportunity to explain any major changes you made to the document and offer general feedback. Please make sure that all comments are kind and supportive and that you click Submit Comment when you have finished writing your comment. 



Once you have written a comment you can send your review. This can be done by clicking on the icon beneath the comment box or on the My Reviews page.



Your review of the test document will be read by Admin and you will receive feedback. You will receive an email when this feedback is ready for you to view on the platform.

If your review is approved you will be able to download the second test review document and move on in the process. If your review is not approved, however, you will be required to edit more than the usual two documents to practice your proofreading skills before you can review other people’s work on the platform and earn credits.

In summary, to get started on and if you want to edit other people’s work, you have to perform review documents. However, we recommend that you purchase credits if you need to get editing done sooner, and let other people edit your work.

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