What Happens If You Do Not Review Your Document On R3ciprocity.com?

R3ciprocity.com allows you 48 hours from the time of accepting a document to edit, upload and send it. If you do not review your document within this time period, your document will be assigned to another reviewer.

If you fail to submit a review within the 48 hours the job will be offered to someone else and you will be unable to Request a job or upload your own work for review for one week.

What Is R3ciprocity.com?

R3ciprocity.com is a unique online platform that enables you to upload your work and get quality editing and proofreading by real people AND support others by editing and proofreading their work.

The credit system allows you to use the platform for free. Proofreading others’ work earns you credits that you can spend to get feedback on your own work. Credits can also be affordably purchased through the platform if you want feedback on your writing without spending time proofreading for others.

R3ciprocity.com Is All About Reciprocity

The concept of reciprocity in social psychology defines the social norm of responding to someone else’s positive action with another positive action. Alone individuals can accomplish great things but we are even stronger when we work together. The r3ciprocity.com platform brings this concept of reciprocity to an area where it is much needed – editing and proofreading. Good quality writing that is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is easy to read but often difficult to write. All the greatest writers have people employed by their publisher to proofread and edit their work. But affordable proofreading, whether you are writing dissertations or blog posts, can be hard to find. And opportunities to practice your proofreading skills that also reward you for your time and effort are also hard to find.

R3ciprocity offers the solution – a peer-to-peer proofreading platform – but this only works when all members commit to supporting their peers through their actions on the site. The most important part of this is reviewing (proofreading) the work of others well and in a timely manner when you have committed to do so.

The Test Review Process

R3ciprocity.com ensures that all people proofreading on the platform fully understand how the site works and are capable of providing good quality proofreading and editing for their peers. This is done through the test review process where all members have to proofread/edit two test documents before they are permitted to proofread through the site. These documents are checked and verified by r3ciprocity.com Admin who provide individualized feedback. For more information on the test review process go to How Do You Perform A Test Review on R3ciprocity.com?

Proofreading On R3ciprocity.com

By accepting a job on the My Reviews page of r3ciprocity.com you are committing to help a member of the platform by giving them good quality and helpful feedback on their writing in a timely manner. You should not accept a job unless you are prepared to do this. Once you accept a job you should aim to download and work on a document as soon as possible. R3ciprocity.com will allow you 48 hours to complete, upload and send a review from the time you accept it. However, many users of r3ciprocity.com are working to a deadline and are more likely to give you a high star rating if you complete a job in good time.

Star Ratings And How To Improve Them

Every time you review / proofread a document the writer of the document for will give you a star rating between one and five stars for your proofreading. They will also write a comment to give you feedback on your review of their work. Don’t expect five stars for a rushed and disordered review. The writer has probably put a lot of effort into their writing and wants you to put effort into your review. Read slowly and carefully and consider the style and tone of the whole document as well as spelling and grammar mistakes. Explain the changes you have made in the comment section when uploading and always make sure your comments are kind and supportive. No one gives a high star rating for rude and harsh comments. For proofreading tips and support go to How Do You Review A Document on R3ciprocity.com.

It is important to take your star ratings and the comments you receive from writers seriously. A low average star rating will not prevent you from proofreading through r3ciprocity.com but it will stop you from converting credits earned on the platform into real money.

Your R3ciprocity.com Profile

Your average star rating can be seen by you and other users of the platform on your profile. Your profile is a brief summary of you and your activity on the platform. If you provided a r3ciprocity.com name, description and profile picture when creating your account this information is on your profile. Also included are statistics about your average review time and readability improvement (based on the Flesch Reading Ease Score).

To improve your average review time aim to complete, upload and send reviews in a shorter time frame. To improve your readability improvement consider how you can make a text easier to read while reviewing it. However do not be too concerned by this statistic. The Flesch Reading Ease score calculates the ease of reading based on factors such as the average sentence length and average number of syllables per word. This means that in some cases (for example when punctuation is used effectively to make longer sentences easy to read) a good quality review may lower the readability score while actually making the document easier to read.

R3ciprocity.com is aware of this inconsistency and having a low average readability improvement will not affect your credits or experience on the platform in any way. You can view your profile and editing statistics by logging in and clicking the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

A Great Profile = More Credits

R3ciprocity.com is committed to rewarding you for good quality proofreading through the credit system. You can view how many credits you will earn for proofreading a document before you accept each job. Once your review has been uploaded and sent the credits will be automatically added to your My Payments page. The better your star rating the more credits you can earn. These credits can be used to get free proofreading of your own work or converted to real money and deposited into your bank account via Stripe.

Maintaining a high star rating and good profile statistics is vital if you are aiming to earn money by doing reviews through r3ciprocity.com. A low star rating will prevent you from converting your credits into real money and profiting financially from your work on the site. Go to My Payments page to view your payment information and options.

If You Don’t Review A Document

R3ciprocity.com allows you 48 hours from the time of accepting a document to edit, upload and send it. Once you Accept a job you will get pop-up prompts reminding you that you have a review that needs to be sent when you are logged into the platform. You will also receive a reminder email to remind you when you are running out of time to submit a review. Always read your r3ciprocity.com emails to make sure you are up-to-date with activity on your account.

If you fail to submit a review within the 48 hours the job will be offered to someone else and you will be unable to Request a job or upload your own work for review for one week. This system ensures that writers get their work reviewed quickly and are not waiting for a long time for their work to be reviewed.

Always Send Your Review

Do not forget to send your review after uploading it to the platform. Upload the document with your changes, write a comment, submit the comment and then click on Send Review. If you have not clicked on the Send Review icon your review has not been sent, the writer will be unable to access it and, after 48 hours from you accepting it, the job will be given to someone else. You will also not receive any credits for a review that has not been sent.

If you want to learn more about r3ciprocity.com check the How to Get Started on r3ciprocity.com YouTube playlist or some other posts on this site.

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