How Does R3ciprocity Work?

This is the R3ciprocity blog but R3ciprocity is much more than a blog. It is an online platform for writers and editors. 

On writers can upload their work to the platform and get high quality, affordable editing by a R3ciprocity editor. They can also go through the process to become an editor themselves and edit the work of others. This earns them credits they can use on the platform to get their own work edited for free. This is the R3ciprocity of Writers supporting writers. Helping others with their writing and getting help with your own writing in return.

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How do credits work?

Credits are the currency of and the way that you pay for editing through the platform. Your current total number of credits will be in the top right-hand corner of the screen when you log in.

You can add to your number of credits by purchasing them through Buy Credits on your profile. As soon as you have these credits you can spend them by uploading your writing and sending it off to a R3ciprocity editor to be edited.

You can also add to your number of credits by editing the writing of others. Once you have gone through the process to become a R3ciprocity editor (see How do I become a R3ciprocity editor? below) you can accept editing jobs through the platform. Successfully completing these editing jobs will earn you credits you can spend on getting your own work edited or transfer into real money.

See How Do You Purchase Credits On for more information about credits and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How does uploading your writing work?

With a R3ciprocity account and some credits uploading your writing for editing is very easy. Simply go to the My Documents page and then Click to Upload. The platform accepts documents from a range of word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Open Office.

Once the document is uploaded you will be told how many credits it will cost you to have it edited. This is based on the length of the document, number of words etc. You will also be told an estimated number of days that you will need to wait for your document to be returned with edits and feedback. The wait time given when you upload a document is based on several factors including the number of documents waiting for an editor and the activity of editors on the platform. Our aim is always to keep your wait time as short as possible.

You can click on the trash can Delete icon to delete the document from the platform or on the eye Send to review document to send it to be proofread. By clicking on Send to review you are agreeing to pay the number of credits stated for your document to be proofread. Once you click Send to review your document will be sent to a R3ciprocity editor and the number of credits deducted from the total on your account.

How does getting feedback work?

When your document has been edited you will receive a notification email. You can view all the edits and feedback from your editor by logging into and clicking on the document on the My Documents page.

The screen will then show your original document side by side with the edited version of your document. This allows you to see exactly what changes your editor recommends to improve the quality of your writing. Their comment on the right hand side of the screen is additional feedback on your writing. It may refer to your writing as a whole or explain particular changes that the reviewer has made. The editor’s changes and comment are their own opinion about possible improvements to your piece of writing and you may not agree with all of their changes or edits.

The box under the reviewer’s comments is for you to write feedback for your reviewer. This is your opportunity to send a message back to the person who has edited/ reviewed your work. It is the perfect place to say thank you for any feedback that has specifically helped you. You can also suggest ways they could improve the way they do edits/ comments in the future.

This is also where you give your editor a star rating out of five. This is important because R3ciprocity admin will investigate editors with a consistently low star rating and editors need to maintain a high average star rating in order to convert their earned credits to real money and benefit financially from their work on the platform.

See How To Get Feedback On Your Writing On for more information about this process and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Will I get good quality editing?

Yes! No one on the platform is allowed to edit the work of others until they have passed the test review process (see How do I become a r3ciprocity editor? below). This means that every editor on the platform is someone who is skilled in editing and has been verified by R3ciprocity admin.

Other procedures and systems on also ensure quality. Writer give editors a star rating after each document is edited. A high average star writing is required to convert credits earned on the platform into real money so editors are very motivated to do a great job. Any editor with a low average star rating is also investigated by R3ciprocity admin and will be removed from the platform if they are not providing high quality editing.

R3ciprocity systems also protect writers from editors who do not prioritize editing a document. Once they have accepted an editing job, editors have 48 hours to edit and send it back to the writer. Otherwise it is sent to another editor.

Note for writers: The 48 hour rule on is for editors only. You may have to wait longer for your document to be edited due to high demand for editors on the platform. Go to your My Documents page for an estimated wait time for any documents you currently have waiting to be edited.

See How Is Quality Ensured On for more information about quality on the platform and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What about confidentiality?

At we take confidentiality very seriously. Our editors agree to a comprehensive confidentiality agreement. This clearly sets out what they can and cannot do with documents uploaded by other users and holds them legally responsible for any breach in confidentiality. also maintains confidentiality by giving users full control over what information is in their profile, carefully managing the assignment of documents to editors and abiding by all confidentiality laws and regulations.

See How Is Confidentiality Maintained On for more information about confidentiality on the platform and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I become a R3ciprocity editor?

To become a R3ciprocity editor you first need to show R3ciprocity admin that you have the knowledge and skills to provide high quality editing for others. This is done through the test review process which requires you to edit two test documents.  These documents have been specifically designed to assess your ability to spot errors, modify text in a way that improves the overall quality of the writing and provide helpful comments for the writer.

These two test documents are then accessed by R3ciprocity admin and passed or failed based on the quality of the editing. You need to pass the first review in order to access the second document and you need to pass the second document to be given the opportunity to edit the work of others through the platform. If you fail either document you will need to edit more test documents and prove that you can provide high quality editing before being approved as an editor on the platform.

See How Do You Perform A Test Review On and How Do You Upload Your 2nd Test Review On for more information on the test review process and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How does editing work?

As an editor on you are in control of your editing jobs. When you log in to the platform and go to My Reviews you will be able to Request a job. Before you accept a job you will be able to see a preview of the document and key information such as the word count and the number of credits you will get for editing it. 

It is important to be sure before you accept a job. Once it is accepted you should aim to download and work on a document as soon as possible. Many users of are working to a deadline and are more likely to give you a high star rating if you complete a job in good time. The platform will allow you 48 hours from the time of accepting a document to edit, upload and send it. If you fail to submit a review within the 48 hours the job will be offered to someone else and you will be unable to Request a job for one week.

You can download the document to your computer and edit it using any compatible word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office and Google Docs. Once you have completed the editing you can upload the edited document on the My Reviews page. Once the document is uploaded you can click on it and see your edited document alongside the original and add a comment before sending it back to the writer.

See How Do You Review A Document On for more information on the editing process and some top tips for high quality editing. 

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